Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George

"In far off Citatie, Prince Luka has made an alarming discovery: the southern country’s entire army is mounted on dragons, and they plan to attack Feravel. It’s up to Creel to gather her dragon friends and lead them south, first as spies, then as soldiers, in a battle against an unexpected enemy. But the Citatian dragons outnumber those from Feravel, and some of Creel’s friends are still recovering from the first dragon war. Will they be able to win this fight, and will they still have a home to return to even if they do?"

This is the sequel to the Whitney Award winning novel Dragon Slippers. I've been looking forward to reading this for some time and I wasn't disappointed. The story continues to follow Creel as she finds further adventures with the dragons. Even though Creel loves to create beautiful clothing, she will never be quite satisfied sitting at home in her dress shop. She also misses Prince Luka and wonders if their relationship will ever go further as she is just a commoner and he is a prince.

Creel goes with her dragon friends to help Prince Luka discover why the Citatians and their dragons are planning to attack Feravel. Creels discovery shocks her and the dragons and they must pool all their resources to save themselves, the country and the dragons.

I enjoyed this book. The story was engaging and I loved the quirky characters of all the dragons. Every time I thought I had the story figured out and the characters had the problems solved, a new twist would be thrown in and I would have to begin wondering again how the author would finish the story. I'm going to give these books to my daughter to read as she loves anything with dragons and I know she'll enjoy Dragon Flight and Dragon Slippers.

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