Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ripple Effect by Traci Hunter Abramson

This is the second book in a series that I am reading backwards since that is how I've been able to get a hold of the books.

Kylie Ramsey is a world-class swimmer who wants to train for the olympics. The biggest hurdle she has is the struggle to keep her identity hidden. The FBI put her in the Witness Protection Program to protect her from Judge Rush, but somehow her location keeps being discovered. She also runs into Matt again. He is the one person she can see herself spending eternity with, but his involvement with her puts them both in danger.

I enjoyed the story line and there was enough suspense wondering how Kylie and Matt would resolve things. The characters were well developed. I liked seeing how many of the characters changed through the story. And since I'm going this series backwards, I'm looking forward to reading the first book, Undercurrents.

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